The Glory of Veggies & Dog Walking

I saw this quote today and I got a feeling I haven't had in quite a long time...and I hated it. Good thing it was quick.

"I remember everything you forgot."

While this quote isn't necessarily true, it sure can feel like it when lightning strikes your heart. Maybe this one struck me because I've made a conscious effort to only remember the good in a relationship, and this reminded me that some bad stuff happened too. Stuff that makes me regret the person I was back then and how I handled things. I was so incredibly weak, it makes me sick to think about it.

But this brings the question, what do they choose to remember about you? It's a question I'll never get answered because those last days I thought I knew him I really didn't. I was tricked and pushed aside and although I forgive what he did, the way I felt then will never go away. I will always have questions, I will always feel duped, and I will always compare my feelings for the next guy to the ones I had for this person I used to know....and then you feel silly for having those feelings for a person whom if you met today, you wouldn't give a minute to.

sigh...young love.

Willie & Chrissie


Willie and Chrissie got married!!!!! After 8 years together!

The wedding took place in Hermosa Beach on July 1st and it was a beautiful day! I've only known them as a couple and they're are the most relaxed pair of people I know. Congrats to the awesome couple!!


Her dress was from the Disney Collection. So pretty! And the bridesmaids dresses had pockets!


Chris was my date of course. He took the day off work to come dance with me. The necklace was given to the bridesmaids as a gift. They're pearls her grandma brought from the Philippines.


I graduated!!
I finally got my MA degree and it was the greatest feeling, although it still doesn't feel real.


The whole family came up and we had a nice dinner.


I'm still walking dogs and loving it!

Things will be changing soon as I've had to find a new place, but I'm so excited. I get to live on my own with Lucy and I'm thinking of letting her be a grown up and venture outside on her own. We'll see what the pet psychic says.

Diana's Bachelorette Party
Heidi is the made of honor for her friend Diana's wedding, so for her bachelorette, Heidi decided to rent a house for Diana and her 12 friends in Santa Barbara.

The front of the house had a view of Santa Barbara and the back yard was a view of the ocean.

All the girls wore wigs.

Me & Katy Perry.

The next day we hung out at the house, drank margaritas and ordered pizza.

I was kinda lovin my hair.

The beautiful bride-to-be.

That night we went to a bar where they had a live cover band with awesome music, as you can tell.

It was a great time and I'm glad they all came to visit.
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Santa Barbara Beach Walks

Henry being the happiest!

Butterfly Beach in Montecito.

Laika is a belgian shepherd and belongs to a member of Depeche Mode! She's so great, just don't try to take her'll be sorry.

Leftover wedding.

Under the Santa Barbara pier.

Honoring Memorial day.


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